Once a leading university, our client wanted to reignite sustainable and profitable growth. In the past 5 years, the university had lost its top-notch professors, and number of students, total revenues and profitability had declined dramatically. Management turned to Mentoro for assistance.

Our detailed recommendations focused on increasing the attractiveness of the university for current and potential students by revising faculty, program and subjects offered by the university, increasing attractiveness of campuses and initiating collaboration with the business and technology world, increasing ownership and efficiency of faculty by increasing transparency with university management, and providing new opportunities for growth for faculty, increasing impact of alumni by leveraging their financial, intellectual and network power, ensuring all sides (students, faculty, alumni and companies) provide value for each other by establishing communication links between them, and improving financial strength of the university by increasing alternative, sustainable revenue streams.

The transformation has yielded sustained results: number of students have increased and faculty turnover had dropped dramatically, and alternative revenue streams fueled financial growth.