Levent Burak Demiralp started his career at Pınar Süt, where he worked as Finance Manager, Sales and Business Development Manager, respectively. He joined the Turkcell family as the Regional Sales Manager in 1998 and held various senior management positions at Turkcell for 11 years.

Between 2003 and 2006, he served as the CEO of Turkcell Global Bilgi A.Ş., transforming the company from an “Operational” structure to an organization focused on “Customer Experience”. During his management period, Global Bilgi has grown approximately 2.5 times and has become a worldwide award-winning call center. By establishing a call center in the eastern provinces of Turkey (Erzurum), it pioneered the employment of 50.000 people in this sector and created an added value of approximately 2 billion TL per year in many provinces of Anatolia.

Between 2006 and 2008, he assumed the position of Assistant General Manager responsible for Sales and Customer Experience Management of Turkcell, and established an experience-oriented retail merchandising structure by making many new applications that will change the structure of the sector in the sales and distribution channels of the company. Turkcell has made a great contribution to reaching 35.4 million users from 2.5 million users in 11 years.

Demiralp’s main areas of expertise are all areas of sales, sales strategy design, sales channel management, customer experience design and management, corporate strategy design and change management. After his professional career, Levent Burak Demiralp stepped into entrepreneurship and founded the companies Speak, Atalante, Fides and brought Speak to the 142nd place among the Top 500 ICT companies in Turkey in 3 years.

Levent Burak Demiralp, who has continued his entrepreneurial adventure in the USA for a while, specializes in Sales and Sales Channels Management, Customer Experience Management, Creating and Managing High-Performance Teams, and Digital Transformation. He is known for implementing very successful growth and turnaround projects in the companies he is a manager and consultant for.

Born in Ankara, Levent Burak Demiralp received his bachelor’s degree from Gazi University, is married and has 2 children.