All industries are going through a major transformation due to disruptive digital technologies. Mechanized production with water and steam power in the late 18th century was replaced by mass production fueled by electrical energy in the early 20th century, and automated production with IT and electronics is leaving its place to fusion of technologies straddling physical and digital worlds today and in the near future.

An employer union that wanted to assess its members’ Industry 4.0 maturity level and get appropriate recommendations to increase the global competitiveness of their industry contacted Mentoro for assistance. We assessed each member firm’s Industry 4.0 maturity level by evaluating firms’ knowledge and activities in 6 areas; Vision and Strategy, R&D, Supply Chain Management, Management, Sales and Customer Management, Resource Management and Ecosystem Management.

In addition to recommending Industry 4.0 technology applications appropriate for the industry, we determined the “soft” factors and pre-requisites for implementing such technologies and potential traps that they can face along the way. We also suggested potential projects that can be executed with government support to increase the global competitiveness of this critical sector.